Tax cuts for Australians.

12 March 2024 | News

Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, has unveiled proposed alterations to stage 3 tax cuts, assuring that every Australian taxpayer will experience a reduction in taxes.

IncomeOld Tax rateNew tax rate
$135,001 - $190,00037%37%
$45,001 - $135,00032.5%30%
$18,201 - $45,00019%16%
$18,200 or less0%0%

The revision involves lowering the second tax bracket from 32.5% to 30%, applicable up to an income of $135,000, as opposed to the previous threshold of $120,000. Simultaneously, the top tax rate’s threshold is set to increase to $190,000 from $180,000. These changes are scheduled to come into effect on July 1, as originally planned.

Albanese emphasized that the average Australian will witness an annual tax cut exceeding $1500. For instance, an individual earning the average wage of $73,000 can expect a tax reduction surpassing $1500, more than double the amount projected in Scott Morrison’s plan. A full-time worker earning $100,000 annually stands to benefit from a tax cut exceeding $2100.

Furthermore, the lowest income tax rate, currently at 19 cents on the dollar, will be reduced to 16 cents on the dollar. This adjustment ensures that all taxpayers earning below $45,000 receive a tax cut. Albanese highlighted the substantial benefits for families, citing an example of a household with an average income of $130,000, where one partner earns $80,000 and the other $50,000. Their combined tax cut is projected to be over $2600, significantly higher than under the previous plan.

The redesigned tax cuts indicate that the majority of Australian taxpayers will experience larger reductions under the Labor government’s scheme. For instance, individuals earning $40,000, who were slated to receive nothing under the old plan, will now receive around $654. Similarly, someone earning $60,000, expected to receive a $375 tax cut under the previous plan, will now receive $1,179.

The inflection point in these tax cuts occurs around the $150,000 mark. A taxable income of $140,000 results in approximately $500 more savings under the new plan, while an income of $160,000 still entails a tax cut but approximately $900 less than under the old plan.

For those earning over $200,000, the old stage 3 plan promised a tax cut of just over $9,000. Under the new plan, this figure has been reduced to around $4,500. These adjustments aim to create a fair and equitable tax system while balancing the economic needs of individuals across various income brackets.