IEG Expands Presence in Asia with New Singapore Office

26 May 2023 | News

Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), the organizer of Vicenzaoro and Sigep, leading events held in Italy in the jewelry and food sectors, has made a significant investment in Singapore by opening a new office with the help of Algebra’s team.

As the buyer’s advisor, we supported the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) throughout the acquisition process. Our expertise and experience in conducting due diligence and evaluating potential investments were instrumental in helping IEG make informed decisions.

Our team conducted a comprehensive due diligence process, which involved evaluating the financial and operational aspects of the target trade show events, analyzing financial statements, and identifying potential risks or issues that could impact the acquisition.

Throughout the acquisition negotiations, we acted as a trusted advisor, representing IEG’s interests and ensuring that the terms and conditions of the deal were favorable.

The company’s acquisition of two trade show events in the food & beverage and jewelry sectors from CEMS is part of its plan to expand its presence in the Asian market and provide a platform for businesses to showcase their offerings. In addition to these trade shows, IEG is also working on organizing additional events to support further and promote businesses operating in other sectors.

IEG’s expertise in organizing and managing trade shows and its vast global network enable businesses to expand their reach and tap into new markets. The Singapore team is made of seasoned professionals who work closely with clients to ensure a successful trade show experience.

IEG is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, implementing several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprints, such as using renewable energy sources and eco-friendly practices. By collaborating with businesses and industry experts, IEG promotes innovation and creativity in the trade show industry.

Overall, opening IEG’s Singapore office is a significant investment for an Italian company in Singapore. Businesses in the food & beverage and jewelry sectors now have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to a broader audience and achieve greater success in the competitive world of trade shows.