Bridge 39/65: Paving the Way for Fintech Collaboration between Italy and Singapore

26 May 2023 | News

Following up on the signature Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by AssoFintech, the Italian Fintech and Insurtech Association, and the Singapore Fintech Association, Bridge 39/65 has been launched as the pioneering fintech platform destined to serve as a bridge between Italy and Singapore.

The platform’s primary objective is to provide specialized support and services tailored to fintech enterprises’ unique needs and requirements. Led by industry experts Cristiano A. Motto, CEO of Fairtile and Managing Director of Meight, Federico Cristina, co-founder of DEXTF, and Andrea Monni, partner at Algebra, this initiative aims to become the focal point of convergence between the fintech ecosystems of the two countries.

Maurizio Bernardo, President of AssoFintech (Italian Fintech Association) and Chairman of the Finance Committee, will guide the platform’s Advisory Board, which will include representatives from Italian and Singaporean institutions, ensuring alignment with the strategic goals of both nations.

Bridge 39/65 represents a response to the exponential growth of interest from startups, established businesses, investors, and institutions in building a robust and profitable bridge between the two ecosystems. Cristiano A. Motto expressed, “Bridge is the answer to the growing interest from startups, established companies, investors, and institutions in creating a strong and lucrative connection between the two ecosystems.” Andrea Monni added, “We are combining our experiences, knowledge, and expertise to create a hub that will connect all stakeholders in the sector from both countries, enabling a new level of orchestration.”

The Italian and Singaporean fintech ecosystems are experiencing significant growth and have become key players in the global financial industry.

Italy’s fintech sector has achieved maturity through international investments and the introduction of innovative products and services, attracting the interest of global companies and investors seeking expansion opportunities. Singapore, known for its supportive business environment and dynamic startup ecosystem, has emerged as a leading fintech hub, hosting a growing number of companies leveraging advanced technologies to disrupt traditional financial services.

The convergence of institutional initiatives between Italy and Singapore has resulted in the launch of Bridge 39/65, a groundbreaking platform to foster collaboration between the two ecosystems.

Bridge 39/65 acts as a sector-specific hub, allowing businesses to innovate and stay competitive by accessing the latest technologies and industry knowledge. The efforts of the Italian Embassy, the Bank of Italy, AssoFintech, and the Singapore Fintech Association have been instrumental in accelerating the convergence of the two ecosystems, facilitating the establishment of the Bridge platform. With Bridge 39/65, Italy and Singapore create new avenues for innovation, collaboration, and mutual growth in the fintech sector, ushering in a future of exciting possibilities for stakeholders in both countries.